#BBIV Burgers & Bottles 4!

Ahhh man! Them RBS boys are always up to sumn man!

A day after Mack Responsibly, RBS aka the pioneers of this party shit announces Burgers & Bottles 4. A jammed packed event filled with beautiful women, good food & of course bottles… Lots of bottles!

So, I walked up in the spot & I was greeted with a friend of mine pouring some concoction in my cup before he even thought of dapping me up. I knew it was gonna be a stupid night from that very moment & it was! Waist lines moving, millys being rocked, passa passa moves being bussed, drinks being poured up & free food cooking on the grill. Aside from the cops shutting shit down kinda early (RBS owe us about an hour more of partying) what more could you really ask for?! Shouts out to them RBS Boys on yet again another successful event!

They say it’s their “last party” but whatever… They said that 10 parties ago.

Be on the lookout for #HNO 2 👀


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