One thing I love is when people think outside the box. It gets my creative juices flowing. My boy Jus & his lady Danielle put this fire concept and party together earlier this year and when he told me about it I was hype as shit just from the flyer alone. When I got to the party I was wondering to myself how the party was gonna play out if the aux was being passed around to multiple people playing different music. Questions started to come to mind like.. “What if the my aux skills ain’t poppin?” “What if the song shawty playing ain’t it?”
Luckily, Jus & Dani had that all planned out with these these funny double sided cards. On one side of the card it may have the crying Jordan face letting people know to pass up the aux or Denzel Washington’s infamous “my n*gga” face letting the person on the aux know to keep rocking out! GENIUS! The party was literally too turnt that the speakers blew out! Luckily The DJ had a spare speaker in his trunk & kept the party alive! Yesterday they brought it back and celebrated Jus’ Birthday with another one! *DJ Khaled voice*. Check out the pics below!


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