About Me

Hi everybody! My name is Adetola, my friends call my Tola, but you can call me tonight.


LOL just kidding. I’m a 25 years young Registered Dental Hygienist born and raised in New York City who has a love for traveling, cooking, dancing, working out and enjoying life to the fullest! And I believe everyone should too!

I love my life and the way that I live it and I know this is only the beginning of something really special so I chose to give the world a little peek on how you can live life with me.

Too many people have been telling me that I should blog about the foods that I whip up and the places I travel to which have inspired me to make this website, so here it goes!


G0192393 2.JPG

One thought on “About Me

  1. I love what you’ve done with this page, its beautiful to look at and I love the way you’ve formatted everything, great job!! One suggestion, do a travel feature of the week,another person (friend, family or even subscriber) who has traveled to marvelous destinations along with a minor bio of their travel. Great work here,looking forward to more pics of your food and travel ideas.


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