Curl Fest 2016

So about a month ago I linked up with my homie Akeem and he told me about an event called Curl Fest. I’m like “what’s that? Some jawns gon be there!? Lol” He told me it was an annual event held in Prospect Park, (Brooklyn, NY) aiming to unite, network, and celebrate women sporting their natural hair.
I’m like “Say nomore, I’ll RSVP (although I’m bald) and pull up… Take some pics”
What a surprise I was in for.. The energy and vibes at the event were very serene. With the two step music bumpin, there were many beautiful women of all races rocking there natural hair, predominantly curls. With hair/skin product stands surrounding the space, nutcrackers in rotation for the low, it was an awesome networking opportunity. From the pics you can tell I ain’t missing out next year! It’s free! Pull up next year, don’t play your-self!


Oh that’s just me..
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