Get Up and Get Going!

This website was created for you. Yes you! The person reading this right now as we speak who is headed to working dreading their daily 9-5. The person who never has the time to get out of the state or even do things in state that are fun and out of routine. You’ll never know what you’ll find interest in until you try it. I believe that having balance is key. As for me, my interest is food, travel and. . . more travel! & of course my career. If I didn’t have to get up for work in the morning I’d probably be up looking for flights to somewhere I’ve never been. I’m something like an addict. *scratches neck* Any little chance I get to see something new I’m on top of it whether it’s a 3 day weekend in Miami, 5 days in Dubai, or a week in Mexico, I’m there as long as I have the time off and the price is right!

P.S. This is my first time blogging, I hope I’m doing ok!

Any who, GET UP! And GET GOING!

Oh! and make sure to share, like and post the page if you’re liking it. I’ll be posting my food concoctions, travel destinations and more!


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